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Important Information Regarding Phishing Scams

Please be aware that other banks are experiencing fraudulent text scams (SMS Phishing) in our area.

A fraudulent text message is sent alerting recipients that their debit card has been blocked or suspended. The fraudulent text message instructs recipients to follow a link in order to “solve the problem” or “login.” DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK.

If the link in the text is clicked, the recipient is redirected to a fraudulent website that appears to be the Bank’s branded website, but it is not. On this fraudulent website, the user is asked to provide their debit card number, debit card expiration date and debit card CVV code. Providing this information could result in fraudulent charges occurring on your debit card. Also, it is possible that potentially harmful malware could be downloaded to the device which received the text simply by opening the website page.

Priority Bank will not provide or request information via text message including account alerts, account numbers, debit card information, passwords, personal identification information or any other confidential customer information. Most importantly, NEVER click on links contained in a text message which appears to have come from Priority Bank. Do not respond to any text message communications that request any type of Priority Bank account or service information.

One of Priority Bank’s main priorities is to safeguard your account and associated information and we work diligently to do so. Please contact us should you have questions and please report any suspicious text messages or other forms of suspicious communication immediately to 800-922-6936, Priority Bank Customer Service. Visit the Federal Trade Commission for further information on identity theft.